Why Do Your Birth Doula Training With Us

  • Embody All Aspects of Birth

    A holistic training program which covers the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of birthing. Highly experienced and supportive lead trainers, with over 50 years of combined experience in birth.

  • Study from Anywhere

    Learn at your own pace and from anywhere in the world with our flexible, online format, including video lectures, guided visualisations, audio tracks and a beautifully designed manual.

  • Live Mentoring

    Live mentoring support available in your time zone via online communities or video call to support your transition to birth keeper. *Video mentoring for certification stream only.

Course Curriculum

    1. Introductory Visualisation with Anna Watts

    2. What is a Doula?

    3. QUIZ Role of a Doula

    1. Lecture One - Pre-labour, First Stage, Transition

    2. Lecture Two - Second Stage, Birth, Placenta & the Golden Hour

    3. Birthing and the Stages of Labour

    4. The Hormones of Pregnancy and Birth

    5. QUIZ: Physiological Birth & the Stages of Labour

    1. What is Medical Intervention? When is it Necessary? The Cascade of Intervention.

    2. Gentle Caesarean Birth

    3. QUIZ: Medical Intervention and Caesarean

    1. Positions for Labour - Active Birth

    2. Acupressure for Birth

    3. Hands On & Massage for Birth

    4. Rebozo for Pregnancy and Birth

    5. QUIZ: Active Birth Support

About this course

  • $900.00
  • 44 lessons
  • 6 hours audio content
  • 9.5 hours of video content
  • Comprehensive Manual

Birth Doula Training, with optional Certification Module – study to the depth you choose

  • Our online Birth Doula Training Course is a rich comprehensive resource that you can study anywhere, anytime. The training covers a broad range of knowledge and skills needed to become a Birth Doula offering your support and experience to birthing women and families.

  • Evidence based information including the Stages of Labour, Role of a Doula, Active Birth Support, Communication skills, Postpartum Support, Marketing, Establishing your Doula Business and more..

  • This course is for anyone who is passionate about birth and would like to dive deeper. You may already be working in the area of pregnancy & birth (eg a Prenatal Yoga Teacher) and wish to broaden your knowledge and hands on support skills.

  • Be fully certified as a Birth Doula by enrolling in the Doula Certification Bundle which also includes our Certification Module.

  • This training also invites you on a path of self reflection and deeper self-knowledge as you prepare for this sacred role in supporting others through the birth portal. Refine your listening and communication skills via specific practices outlined in the course.

  • BONUS CONTENT – learn how to create and facilitate a beautiful Blessing Way circle for mothers-to-be as they approach the time to give birth. A wonderful way to expand your doula services in your community.


This course is a collaboration between Bliss Baby Yoga & the Celebration of Birth Doula Academy, founded by Anna Watts in 2011. This Doula Academy holds the vision for educating, protecting and developing sacred birthing and post-partum practices through the training of doulas to support women, babies and families during the transformational time of pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Pricing options

See below for bundle options that include the Doula Certification Module

Our Facilitators

Anna Watts

Senior Teacher

Anna Watts, a beloved guest teacher for Bliss Baby Yoga since it’s beginning in Byron Bay, is a professional Childbirth Educator and Doula Trainer (Celebration of Birth Doula Academy) who has been working with pregnant women/couples for over 28 years. Her wide experience includes Diploma in Childbirth Education, Diploma in Counselling, Cert IV Training & Assessment, training prenatal yoga teachers, facilitating women’s circles, birth classes, prenatal yoga and supporting many births as a doula. Anna is a mother to two beautiful, adult daughters. Anna is the founding presenter on our Doula Training and is a specialty guest presenter on our Bliss Baby Yoga Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training course.

Nadine O'Mara

Director and Senior Teacher

Nadine O’Mara (E-RYT 200, RPYT, YACEP, Yoga Australia Lvl 3 Teacher, DONA Certified Doula, B. App. Sc.) is an experienced Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Trainer, Doula, Childbirth Educator and our Bliss Baby Yoga Director. She is passionate about supporting women’s health, especially around birth. In addition to sharing her knowledge via our Bliss Baby Yoga online courses & classes, Nadine runs her business "Conscious Birth" providing doula support and yoga for women, their babies and partners around Bellingen on the NSW Mid-North Coast. She also offers birth education, self care and restorative yoga workshops for mothers, facilitates mother’s circles, family yoga and retreats for women and/or families. She believes that a gentle birth and the creation of a positive family life helps shape a more peaceful planet.

Rosie Matheson

Senior Teacher

Rosie Matheson (E-RYT 200, RPYT, YACEP) is a passionate women’s health and wellbeing educator. She has trained extensively in Hatha Yoga, and is a also a qualified Doula. Rosie’s many offerings for women include classes, workshops, and teacher training courses in yoga for fertility, healthy menstruation, women’s life cycles, and both the prenatal and postnatal phases of life. Rosie’s foundational work in women’s yoga was conducted during a three year residency on Koh Phangan, Thailand. There she participated in over 700 hours of Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training courses in addition to attending Yoga Therapy workshops, meditation courses, and a variety of women’s retreats and classes. Teaching women close to home and across the globe, Rosie regularly leads trainings for students in the USA, Japan, Italy, and Australia. Rosie’s passion is in educating women on the power of their bodies, and the undeniable correlation between celebrating your feminine form and living an empowered and vital life. Her genius is in presenting these ideas in a way that is accessible, nurturing, and inspiring to women everywhere. Rosie is a Senior Course Facilitator for our Bliss Baby Yoga Prenatal & Postnatal and Fertility Yoga Teacher Training courses, online, throughout Australia and internationally, and also offers Online 1:1 Mentoring for doulas, yoga teachers and personalised yoga classes.

Discover your true calling as a keeper of birth

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  • How is this Doula Training different to other trainings?

    This comprehensive Birth Doula Training has the foundation of our combined birth and doula wisdom, over 50 years of practical experience in this specialist field, with backgrounds in Childbirth Education, Doula Training & Mentoring, Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training and Women’s Health and Wellbeing. Many of the students who choose to train with us are interested in the mother-centred holistic approach, as well as the sacred birthing wisdom offered in the training. The major difference in our training is the combination of educational, experiential, creative and hands-on skills, plus the personal discovery aspects, which we believe are essential when working in this intimate and sensitive area with pregnant women and their partners.

  • What is the difference between this Doula Training Course & the Doula Certification Course Bundle?

    If you are interested in knowing more about birth and perhaps not quite ready to start practicing as a doula yet, you can complete this Birth Doula Training course alone. You may also just love learning about birth and want to enrich what you already know, then this is the course for you! If you plan to start practicing as a doula soon, we highly recommend enrolling in the Certification Mentoring Module as you launch your doula career and begin to attend births. This additional mentoring module includes three live video calls to support your attendance at the required 3 births as a Student Doula and participation in a Childbirth Education Course. You can always purchase the Certification Module later when you are ready to start practicing as a doula.

  • Do I need any previous experience in pregnancy and birth to begin training as a Birth Doula?

    No previous qualifications are necessary to join the training, apart from a desire to support and empower women in their choices for a fulfilling birth experience. You can train as a Birth Doula to begin a new career path, or to expand your existing knowledge and services in the area of pregnancy and birth. This course is a perfect complement to many other professions, such as Prenatal Yoga Teaching, Naturopathy, Massage Therapy, Women's Health etc.

  • Can I practice as a Doula with the initial course only?

    We suggest that for safe practice and insurance reasons, if you plan to be a practicing Doula you complete the full certification stream so that you have one on one mentoring with our senior doula trainers who can help guide you through your first births.

  • What accreditation can I receive for this course?

    A Certificate of Attendance is issued on completion of the Birth Doula Training. If you choose the Certification module you will receive an additional Certificate of Completion once you have completed all the requirements, including attendance at 3 births as a student doula and participation in a childbirth education class. If you are a Prenatal Yoga Teacher you will be able to register 12 hours of this course as CEP points with Yoga Alliance or Yoga Australia (and possibly other local Yoga Organisations, we suggest you check within your community).

  • How many hours will it take to complete this course and how long do I have to do so?

    Of course, it's different for everyone but we estimate it will take you approximately 30 hours to complete this course, give or take. Plus, the recommended reading you choose from the comprehensive list given, personal exploration and any further research you wish to undertake. You will have 12 months to access and complete this core course although the materials are yours to download forever. If you enrol in the full Certification Stream bundle you will have 18 months to complete both elements of the training. (NB Extensions are available for a small fee). It’s impossible to estimate how long you will spend in birth preparation sessions and attending births as a student doula (as we know the labour and birthing process may be l-o-n-g, or sometimes very fast!). However, please know that every hour you spend with pregnant and birthing families is invaluable in building your body of knowledge and hands-on experience as a birth doula.

  • Is a Doula an accredited or government recognised profession around the world?

    At the present time Doula as a profession is not regulated in any countries around the world. There is no national or international body that recognizes a standard of training for Doulas. Rest assured that our trainers are fully recognised as experts in their field and the training curriculum meets all the requirements for you to confidently work as a Birth Doula. The Celebration of Birth Academy/Bliss Baby Yoga Certificate is in-line with other doula training organisations, such as Childbirth International or DONA. From a legal perspective a doula is not practicing as a medical professional and, as long as you are working under the guidelines covered in the training, has no legal liability to clients.

  • How can I feel part of the Birth Doula community?

    We have two active private Facebook Groups for Celebration of Birth Doulas and Bliss Baby Yoga members to share experience, ideas and ask questions relating to doula work of the more experienced doulas in the group. As a student you can be added to either of these groups by sending a ‘request to join’ – links to the groups are provided on enrolment.