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    1. The First Trimester

    2. The Second Trimester

    3. The Third Trimester

    4. The Fourth Trimester

    1. Prac: Using a chair in Prenatal Yoga classes

    2. Prac: Accommodating students of mixed stages and issues in a Prenatal Yoga Class

    3. Lecture: Prenatal Yoga Therapy

    4. Lecture: The Female Pelvic Floor

    5. Talk: Demystifying Pelvic Floorwork and the Breath in Prenatal Yoga

    1. Diastasis Recti and how to Support in Yoga Class

    2. Prac: Postnatal Yoga Class including Baby

    1. Prenatal Yoga Extension Quiz

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    Register the hours from this course as Continuing Education Points with Yoga Alliance and your country's Governing Body for Yoga.

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